Upgrade Firmware Dvr-uri turbohd Hikvision

Upgrade Firmware Dvr-uri turbo hd Hikvision seriile HQHI si HUHI. Atentie aceste Update-uri de firmware implica cunostinte evoluate despre sistemele CCTV, de accea va recomandam sa apleti la specialisti.

Modele suportate :





DS-71XXHQHI-F1/N           DS-72XXHQHI-F1/N           DS-72XXHQHI-F2/N

DS-72XXHUHI-F1/N           DS-72XXHUHI-F2/N           DS-73XXHQHI-F4/N

DS-81XXHQHI-F8/N           DS-76XXHUHI-F/N


1. Suporta 4 hybrid signals input: TVI/AHD/CVBS/IP for 76XXHUHI-F/N serie. (for other Turbo 3.0 DVR, it already supported this function on v3.4.70 or v3.4.75).

2. 7608/16HUHI-Fx/N support VGA/HDMI non-simultaneous output configurable function.

3. Support download record file from web page of device according to the accurate time.

4. Support Genetec protocol.

5. Support new password strategy, user can reset password by GUID file or answering the questions.

6. Cut off the menu output of CVBS. CVBS output only can be used for auxiliary output or live view.

7. 7208/16HUHI-F/N support all channel VCA functions and 2K/4K output is mutually exclusive.

8. Other updates.

Descarca noul firmware pentru Dvr-uri TurboHD Hikvision 

Posted on: februarie 9, 2017, by : atutech